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Beautiful World

Here’s our trip to Cincinnati and Chicago in photos taken by a 7 year old:


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Road Trip

We’re going on a road trip for a week to Cincinnati and Chicago. I can’t wait to eat dim sum and Malaysian food in Chicago, and walk around a city!

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Hilton Head Island

In mid June, we spent a week at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. We’ve been there every summer since we moved to Winston Salem, and it’s become something of a family tradition. In America, family road trips seem to be a summer rite of passage. So we decided to give it a try.

The first year, we ventured off in our Honda Accord with a toddler and a five year old without any gear, wondering why all these mini vans and SUVs were heading towards the beach loaded with stuff, some with cargo “pods” on top of their vehicles, some with trailers and many with bikes. Having spent a number of years in “hibernation” after having the babies, we had our frayed and old bathing suits, I wore my five year old maternity slippers to the beach, and we rented rickety bikes that could only be braked by pedaling backwards, battled with the toddler in restaurants, sweated and jostled in the humid weather at the height of tourist season for a couple of hours in order to see five minutes of fireworks, waited patiently for our turn to get balloon animals from a volunteer youth group etc.

When we got home, we looked at the pictures and thought, “what a great trip!” So we’ve been going ever since, and have settled into a system of renting an SUV, bringing our bikes, our own beach chairs and umbrella. Each year is different because we do different things, and familiar at the same time. Here are some pictures from this year’s trip.

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